Public Transportation: By The Numbers

10.7 billion: range of journeys Americans took publically transport in 2013 - the best range since the 50's, once few had their own cars.

40 percent: Reduction in U.S. reliance on foreign oil that may occur if one in 10 Americans used public transportation daily.

7: range of times safer that riding a bus is over riding in your own automobile.

450: many gallons saved from individuals taking public transportation annually. this can be roughly the energy required to power ΒΌ of all yankee homes annually.

6,000: distinction in pounds of worldwide warming pollution that a diesel bus emits over a gas bus.

20 percent: carbon monoxide gas emissions saved if one in 5 Americans rode public transportation daily; the savings would be bigger than the combined emissions from all chemical producing and metal process industries.

Sources: American Public Transportation Association, Center for Transportation Excellence